Man returned to adopt the dog he rescued, and the pup couldn’t be happier

When Wagner returned to the clinic to see his new puppy, he was met with a very special welcome. Mojo couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the guy who saved him. It’s impossible for me to doubt that he recognized Wagner and welcomed him back because it was a brilliant decision! Mojo is 3-years-old, and he’s doing fantastic! He resides happily with Wagner and his family and is a very happy young man. It’s said that he’s quite pampered (and we’re totally fine with that!)

Man Held Baby Critter, Paraded Her Up And Down Beach So Her Cries Were Heard

A man enjoying his daily walk behind his house heard frantic cries for help. Investigating, he didn’t find anything or anyone around but was perplexed. The situation was not typical of the norm, so the man continued down the beach to see what was happening. As the man continued to walk closer to the shore…

Serviceman Drops To His Knees When His Parents Aren’t There To Greet Him

It’s a huge sacrifice to serve one’s country. It is difficult enough to return home safely. We are thankful for all those who serve and understand that their efforts are never simple. Thankfully, events like these may be shared so that the general public might truly comprehend how much our soldiers miss them. Image/Story Source…

Man Picks Up Tiny Puppy 'Crying in Pain' on Road and Gives Him a New Life

Many adore their furry friends, yet some regrettably make the unforgivable decision to abandon them like garbage–either simply leaving them on the side of a road or surrendering them at shelters. An inhabitant from North Africa was taking a walk in his village one night when he heard sorrowful wails emanating from over by the…