Man returned to adopt the dog he rescued, and the pup couldn’t be happier

When Wagner returned to the clinic to see his new puppy, he was met with a very special welcome. Mojo couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the guy who saved him. It’s impossible for me to doubt that he recognized Wagner and welcomed him back because it was a brilliant decision! Mojo is 3-years-old, and he’s doing fantastic! He resides happily with Wagner and his family and is a very happy young man. It’s said that he’s quite pampered (and we’re totally fine with that!)

Dog Could No Longer Walk, And His Owner Abandoned Him

Animal Aid Unlimited was alerted to a disabled dog who’d been abandoned. His owner had used him for breeding, and once they didn’t need him anymore, they left him behind to fend for himself. But the dog couldn’t walk. So rescuers and volunteers got to helping him right away.   The first step would be … Read more

Family Dumped Dog Because He Got Old, Now He Sits In A Corner Facing The Wall

In Owensboro, Kentucky, a trailer park was abuzz when Barkley – an elderly Shetland Shepard-Dachshund mix – appeared aimlessly wandering. When transported to the Daviess County Animal Shelter, it became apparent that this pup had been through much distress with very little hope of recovery; he exhibited extreme signs of depression and refused all human … Read more