Family’s 10-Yr-Old Dog ‘Breaks Out’ Of Kennel, Security Cameras Show His Great Escape

When General, a courageous 10-year-old Great Pyrenees, was boarding in Stafford, Virginia he decided to embark on an exciting journey. Security footage documented his daring escape and it’s truly remarkable! The owner’s of General, the Houdini-esque dog, were out of town at their family gathering when they heard about his escapade. “He has an uncanny … Read more

Dog Throws Snowball At A Car During The Winter

Yet another “Dog tested, Dog approved” Subaru commercial! In this one, two dogs are driving their car down the street when they are suddenly hit by a snowball. They stop right in the middle of the road and spot the culprit. Of course, it’s another pooch. And it turns out he messed with the wrong … Read more

Man Adopts A Husky Only To Discover His Tantrum ‘Problem’

A man named Scott adopted a Siberian Husky and thought he knew what he was getting into. But that’s when he discovered the dog’s tantrum “problem.” Basically normal Husky behavior times ten! Jackson is super dramatic and expressive and keeps this behavior up daily, but his dad wouldn’t change him for the world! Source (Screenshot) … Read more