Dog Is ‘Home Alone’ When Doorbell Rings, Owner Returns Later And Checks Footage

As a result of his deviously clever receipt of a delivery package, the dog known as Nuomi has made quite an impact recently! When the mailman rang the bell to drop off a package, this canine was all alone. However, that wasn’t the only thing that happened!


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video

In this video uploaded by home security, Nuomi is seen resting on the ground when he hears the doorbell. He sits up and quickly makes his way to the entrance like a responsible good boy. Then he gets on his hind legs and swings open the door as if it’s nothing!


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video


The mailman appears to be shocked when he sees a dog opening the door. But Nuomi wastes no time in introductions, quickly snatching the box from the mailman’s hands. When the bewildered man lingers at the door to talk with a person, Nuomi growls at him and motions him to move along.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Finally, the package is placed on the couch. The mission is accomplished. Later, the mailman returned to apologize for being so startled by the dog that he forgot to get a “signed” delivery receipt. You’re going to LOVE this ‘smarty pants’ of a dog in the video below. You MUST watch it to the very end, enjoy!

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