Grieving Dog Recognized A ‘Special Scent’ He Never Thought He’d Smell Again

No pet parent ever wants to contemplate the sorrow of losing their beloved pup, yet unfortunately our canine companions are often taken from us too soon. However, in this remarkable story of Paquito and his human companion Evlyn, they were blessed with a beautiful bond that lasted far beyond what is typically expected. Through days spent exploring together and nights snuggled up side by side on the couch, these two shared an everlasting friendship like no other!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Evlyn via Twitter


Unfortunately, the man passed away one day and poor Paquito was emotionally destroyed. He had no comprehension of what happened to his closest companion; he simply grieved and felt disoriented. Human communication isn’t possible with our furry family members, so we can only hope that they understand when a loved one is gone.

Miraculously, Evlyn’s aunt came across some of her late husband’s possessions after a storm damaged their boxes – Little Paquito soon discovered something amazing! 🥺

Source (Screenshot) credit: Evlyn via Twitter


As the clothes were laid out to dry on the floor, Paquito suddenly sprang into action and ran straight towards them. Perhaps he sensed they belonged to a friend or even caught a whiff of their familiar scent – either way it was truly remarkable! Thankfully, there is video footage that captured this beautiful moment which you can see below; dogs are undoubtedly one of life’s greatest gifts.

Click the video below to see the love from precious Paquito!

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