Street Sweeper’s ‘Act Of Kindness’ Makes Homeless Dog’s Day

What you’re about to witness in the video below is a powerful demonstration of love and compassion that was secretly recorded from up above. Love doesn’t cost anything, yet has the power to move mountains; it can even help save lives! So why not spend some time today showing someone else your appreciation? Take a moment out of your day and make theirs extra special.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Diego Maldonado via Twitter


In a heartwarming scene caught on video, Diego Maldonado’s footage shows an industrious street sweeper who stops his shift to take a break and offer affectionate care for what appears to be a homeless pup. Using the soft bristles of his broom as if it were a brush, he lovingly combs and pets her until she basks in joy from all of the attention! 🥰

Source (Screenshot) credit: Diego Maldonado via Twitter


The origins of this heartwarming moment are a mystery, but its beauty is undeniable. As the caption to the tweet reads (translated from Spanish), “What kind of person do you reveal when no one else can see?” It’s truly powerful to witness such an honest and intimate display of love in today’s world.

Click the video below to watch this adorable act of kindness!

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