Woman Rescues Stray From Road, Sees Another One In Field With A Rope

Amidst a very busy intersection in Romania, a woman spotted an injured dog taking refuge next to parked cars. She called out for him and he quickly responded; in honor of his scarred muzzle, she named him Scar. As she nourished this newfound friend, her gaze wandered across the field where another stray – tethered from a rope around its neck – was walking all alone. 😢

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via YouTube

It was a black dog, and unlike Scar, he wouldn’t come near her. After learning that Scar had been mistreated, the woman heard reports of another canine in the area being labeled ‘bad’ and people were attempting to take his life too (Just awful). She strived for days until she finally made progress – he unexpectedly came to her one day as if pleading not to be abandoned again.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via YouTube

After a grueling 23-hours of travel, Scar and Shine arrived home safe and sound. She had to return to Canada but left them in caring hands until she could return two weeks later. Initially intimidated by the strange new environment they’d been brought into, it didn’t take long for the pups to adjust their expectations – before you knew it, they were happy with their newfound lives! ❤️

Click the video below to watch this incredible story that thankfully has a happy ending! 🥰

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