Homeless Puppy Runs Around With Head Stuck In A Jar, Won’t Let Anyone Help Him

Without anyone to stand up for him, the young pup in this story had no chance of survival on his own. Driven by hunger and desperation, he rummaged through a neighborhood’s trash in search of food only to end up with his head stuck inside a discarded plastic jar. For an innocent puppy like him, such harsh conditions were completely unfair.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via YouTube


For days, the desolate and malnourished pup meandered in a desperate state of distress, yet was too scared to accept assistance from any human. Paralyzed by fear of the unfamiliar world around him, he would dart away at every attempt someone made to assist him.

But then Rozalie arrived – an empathetic rescuer who swiftly mustered 7 friends together to capture this vulnerable animal’s fragile heart.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via YouTube

When the puppy arrived at the vet’s table, he was already emotionally and mentally traumatized from his harrowing experience. Praise be, there had been a crack in the jar that allowed him to breathe; however, its rim remained firmly secured around his neck which made it a difficult task for staff members as they carefully worked their sharp instruments on such fragile skin.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo via YouTube


After spending a nerve-wracking time piecing together how to free the puppy, their efforts were rewarded when his captors finally ceased holding him hostage. As they gazed at each other in disbelief – the staff amazed by what an irresistibly precious little thing they’d saved and he with awe of those who had given him freedom – it was clear that this pup would become something special!

Watch the video below to see how he flourishes in his new home, growing into a strikingly handsome charmer!

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