Mama Dog Dug Hole Under Grave, But It Wasn’t For A Deceased Owner

This story really pulled on our heart strings. When visitors of a Belgrade cemetery located in Serbia noticed an uneasy German Shepherd loitering around one grave for several days in succession, they were baffled. The mama dog had dug up a very large hole beneath the headstone and wouldn’t stray away from the spot.

Many of the people who visited the cemetery speculated that the dog was mourning her master’s death; however, what truly transpired was far more extraordinary. They needed to figure out what was really going on with this beautiful German Shepherd.

Image Screenshot/Story Source: Vesna Mihajloski / Viral Stories via YouTube


A surprising turn of events revealed that the destitute dog was actually a homeless mother, striving to care for her newborn puppies. The hole in the graveyard was intended as a temporary shelter to protect her four young pups from the harsh winter weather. However, the struggling mother was facing enormous difficulties in nursing and nurturing her furry offspring. 😢

Fortunately, Vesna Mihajloski, an animal rescuer stepped in to save mama dog from her ordeal. By taking the malnourished puppies out of their “grave home” and transferring them to a safe shelter, she provided these little ones with much-needed care and love.

Image Screenshot/Story Source: Vesna Mihajloski / Viral Stories via YouTube


The mother dog was overjoyed to finally have a stable home for her and her puppies, complete with a comfortable bed for all to share. With the provision of proper medical attention and well-balanced meals, the endearing dog family flourished in their new haven at the shelter.

You’re going to want to watch the video below to learn more about this mama and her precious pups! Click to watch the video below!