Grandma goes on trip and distressed dog ‘pleads’ on Facetime to come home

Dogs are habit-oriented animals that generally prefer the company of their pack members. So, when a human family member has to leave for an extended period of time, dogs usually miss them just as much as humans do. In this particular case, one dog missed her grandmother so much that she told her so during a Facetime call.

Image/Story Source Credit: ViralHog via YouTube Video


If you’ve ever been away from your dog for an extended period of time, you know how hard it can be on both of you. This video shows a fluffy Chow Chow who is sad because her Grandma went away on a trip. However, like many modern dog parents, they connect with their dogs through the magic of technology. The Chow’s mom set up a Facetime session so the pup could be reunited with Grandma and hear her voice.

The dog’s feelings are evident when Grandma unexpectedly appears on the phone. If this lovely pup could speak, she would probably say something along the lines of, “How could you leave me behind? I’m so sad that you’re gone!”


Image/Story Source Credit: ViralHog via YouTube Video


Grandma, too, is howling a bit, and she states aloud, “She is missing me so much.” The dog is actually listening and replying to her loved one’s voice. It’s not fair, but Grandma will be back soon, baby! Watch her eye movements and her moans of despair, just like an actual human! 😉

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