Police Show Up To House To Find It Was 2-Dogs Who Called 911 Sixteen-Times

The police received around twelve 911 calls from home in Lakeville, Minnesota within half an hour. When they arrived, they discovered that it was two dogs who made the phone calls while their owners were away at work. The Dogs must have been having a ‘ruff’ day!

Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Fox 9 Minneapolis – St. Paul

When the other end of the line was only barking, police were dispatched to discover what was going on. Nobody was home, and the cops were perplexed. Officer Michelle Roberts made contact with the owners, who were able to open the door for them via the garage.


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Fox 9 Minneapolis – St. Paul


It turned out that a cell phone was left out upstairs in the office and, since it was set to emergency calls only, the dogs were able to paw at the screen and 911.

Officer Roberts joked, “Our assumption is that the dogs were having a rough day and they were seeking assistance through 911.

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