New Baby Let Out Sad Scream, Confused Dog Drew Closer In & Mom Gulped

There’s nothing more gratifying than a puppy’s love for a child. There is a connection that may be formed early on, but most new parents are understandably anxious when their newborn first comes home. When it comes to their initial child, many new parents are worried about their dog becoming jealous or resentful. It’s an unavoidable stage in life that must be as painless as possible.

In the video below, the parents include their dog Danbi in every facet of parenthood. They also include their cat. It begins with a gender reveal inside a box of pink onesies. The parents were very clever and put their scent, as well as their baby’s scent, on the clothing. They then allowed Danbi and their cat to sniff out who the new sister is by her smell.


Image/Story Source Credit: Golden Danbi via YouTube Video


While many parents also do this, it is just as important to reward the dog when she responds with positive expressions, like a tail wag. Which Danbi did. Danbi’s dad makes sure to give her plenty of “good girls” and pats on the head. Danbi understands that her positive attitude goes a long way with her parents. Good job, Danbi!


Image/Story Source Credit: Golden Danbi via YouTube Video


The new parents bring the baby into her room while she is still asleep in her car seat. They leave Danbi on one side of the gate. This way she can look at the baby and understand that she is here to stay. She can also familiarize the scent from the car seat and understand it was the same scent that came from the onesies. Danbi seems interested in the baby but not overly excited. This is an excellent sign!


Image/Story Source Credit: Golden Danbi via YouTube Video


Now that Danbi’s parents can see that she is nice and calm, it is time to put the baby and her doggy sister in the same room. Fingers crossed it’ll all go smoothly. Danbi hears the baby stirring about and then let out a cry. It’s louder than the cries from before. Danbi looks at her mom and dad as if she’s saying, “Help my sister!

It’s exactly what Danbi’s parents hoped for. Danbi is already forming a protective bond with the baby.


Image/Story Source Credit: Golden Danbi via YouTube Video


It only gets better from here! Danbi is as gentle as can be. When her mom holds her sister, she even rests her head on her as if she wants to snuggle too.

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this! We are so happy that Danbi bonded with her sister so quickly and seamlessly.


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